Training for Independent Medical Examiners

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IME Directory

Since 1999 SEAK's IME Directory has been the simple and professional way to obtain new IME clients.

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Live IME Seminars

SEAK has been conducting hands-on, interactive Category I CME IME Training seminars for physicians since 1997.

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IME Report Book

SEAK's best-selling, seminal work on how to both write and defend your IME report.

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Malingering DVD

This one-of-a-kind DVD explains and demonstrates dozens of tests that can be used to detect symptom magnification.

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IME Marketing DVD

SEAK's highly acclaimed seminar on marketing your IME practice is now available on DVD.

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IME Masters DVD

SEAK's most advanced IME training seminar is now available on DVD.

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Personal IME Training

SEAK works one-on-one with independent medical examiners to help them start, grow, and improve their IME practices.

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Onsite IME Customized Training

SEAK's highly-acclaimed interactive IME training can be brought onsite to your organization at a time convenient to you.

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Dear Steve, Just got paid a great complement from one of my referring attorneys.  He said my IME report on a very complicated case (> 30 symptoms by plaintiff!) was one of the best he has ever received by an expert witness.  I am grateful to have taken your courses and benefited from your personal tutelage.  This training has  been invaluable in growing my expert witness practice and helping me to produce high quality work.  Keep up your excellent work and feel free to relay this anecdote to your attendees/students. Thanks again!